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Editor's Review

The unifying themes of these backpacks are Hasbro branded games, and an embrace of bright colors. Each backpack has a unique aesthetic which celebrates the game it references. The Monopoly mini backpack has this nice multicolored money pattern, and Uncle Pennybags. The backpack is made of faux leather, and has polyester lining inside, much like the Twister and Candy Land bags. The Twister bag is emblazoned with the iconic spots, and has a spinner on its small pocket, as well as the hand a foot symbols for the zipper handles. Cute! The Candy Land bag, similarly, has the old school player pieces and retro designs of all the characters. Lastly, the Hungry Hungry Hippo is pink, fuzzy and soft, what more could you want? Eh, perhaps more storage space. This one doesn’t have a whole lot, unlike the others, which carry a decent amount for their size. They all feature adjustable straps so kids and adults can both enjoy these bags. As lovely as these bags are, we must stress, they are fashionable above all else. They’re solidly made, but they also have a certain delicate quality which make them unfit to take into battle, for instance. Hasbro Games Twister Backpack 780 x 780

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If you’re in the market for a fashionable bag to accessorize an outfit with, look no further! These bags are fun to look at and even more fun to wear. We don’t recommend them for super heavy “college textbook bag” use, as it’s not what they’re aiming for in the first place. Lighter, everyday items, though, go for it!


  • The decoration on all of them is unabashedly fun and colorful.
  • They have adjustable straps so anyone can use them.
  • The more traditional bags can fit a good amount of stuff, and have multiple pockets.
  • The Hungry hungry Hippo backpack makes for a delightful plush.


  • A lack of storage space on the Hippo bag pocket.
  • These bags slightly prioritize form over function (not meant for carrying textbooks, rocks, masonry, etc).

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