Fresh Fairies Gift Set Review

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Editor's Review

Reimagine winged pixies and fairies with the Fresh Fairies doll collection. Inside the Fresh Fairies Gift Set are five three-inch dolls attached to carabiner clips. You can play with them or clip them to a backpack to take them on the go. Ambrosia is the nature fairy, dressed like a honey bee so she can hop from flower to flower with the bees. Sugar Bae is a pixie fairy who likes all things sweet, hence the lollipop she holds. Sunny the sky fairy brings cheer no matter the weather. Merri the water fairy looks like a mermaid. She loves flying oceanside and collecting seashells. And with her red ladybug wings, Bella Rose is a garden fairy. She helps fruits, vegetables, and flowers grow. You can read more about each doll on the back of the box. Each diverse doll features whimsical poses and sweet facial expressions, plus authentic Bantu Knots, Puff Balls, Head Wraps, Afros, and Afro Puffs hairstyles.

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For kids who like dolls and fairies, these mini dolls will be fun to collect and play with. We like how each doll has a different look and personality. This diverse lineup makes it possible for kids to find a fairy doll who looks like them. The dolls will inspire imaginative play.


5 in a set

Clip them for on-the-go fun

Diverse dolls

Imaginative play



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