Fortnite Master Grade Series Midas Rex and Oro Figures Review

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Editor's Review

These 3.75 inch scale figures come in nice windowed packaging, with a flap that reveals all of their accessories. Oro comes with a back ornament/cape combo, and three gold chrome weapons: a Chicago typewriter, bow, and heavy staff. Midas Rex includes two swords, full body armor parts, and a cape. The level of detail on these small figures is quite high, with Oro’s skeletal features being a big highlight. The paintwork on both are clean and without any misapplications.

Oro holds his accessories in hand well, and his articulation is surprisingly unencumbered by his draping robes. You can change Midas Rex into his full armored form by removing his legs and arms, sliding the chest piece on, and then attaching the armored limbs. Both figures have a ball jointed head, single joints in the shoulders and elbows, double jointed knees, swivels in the waist and thighs, and very nice ankle articulation. While the articulation is impressive, it is limited in a few key areas like the elbows.

Fortnite Master Grade Series Midas Rex and Oro Figures

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Should I get it?

If you’re a fan of either character, and collect figures in 3.75 inch scale, these are great additions to your collection.


  • Paint and sculpt are excellent.
  • The accessory count on the figures is high.
  • The boxes are great for collectors.
  • They truly resemble their in-game counterparts.


  • Slightly limited articulation, particularly in the elbows.

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