Föm Mania Quickshot Foam Blaster Review

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Editor's Review

The Quickshot is a compact foam blaster that works a bit differently than the Fömulator. Rather than needing to prime with a trigger, you just use the pump to blast foam. The Quickshot comes with a 4 fluid ounce bottle of Föm concentrate, which will last you a good while, based on our play experience. Pour up to the bottom fill line with the solution, then fill the rest with water. Now you’re ready to blast! While the output is a bit less heavy than the Fömulator, the Quickshot has the convenience of just being able to blast repeatedly and without interruption. It shoots approximately 10 or so feet before falling off. Not only is it light and convenient to shoot, but the design is appealing as well, having a green gray and white color scheme with nice molded detail throughout.

quickshot fom mania 780 x 780

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Should I get it?

This is a nice option to have in the Föm family of items, since it requires no batteries. It’s more compact and a bit easier to use.


  • Set up is quick and easy.
  • Firing is more convenient than the earlier Fömulator blaster.
  • The design looks nice.
  • A bottle of Föm concentrate included.


  • The foam output on the lighter side compared to past Föm Mania products.

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