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Editor's Review

It’s so fluffy! That’s what you’ll be saying as you play with Fluffie Stuffiez. This line of tactile stuffed animals offers three ways to play. The fluffy outer covering that your character comes with isn’t what your character actually looks like. You’ll need to pull away the fluff to reveal a new color underneath. (Just don’t look at the included tag before you start pulling or it will ruin the surprise.) Don’t throw away the fluff! Store it inside the resealable bag to turn it into a fun squishy. Keep track of your entire Fluffie Stuffiez collection on the collector’s guide. You’ll be able to collect clouds, bears, rainbows, axolotls, unicorns, and cupcakes. Some are common, rare, and ultra rare. 

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Should I get it?

Once you pull out all the fur, you have a very cute and soft plush to play with. This is definitely a unique unboxing experience. Because some of the characters have two designs, kids will want to try and collect them all. We also like that the pulled-out fur can be reused as a squishy toy inside the bag, so it’s almost like you’re getting two toys in one.

However, the process of pulling out all the fur is time-consuming and tires out your hands after a while. Although, at the same time, it does keep kids occupied on something that isn’t a screen. Still, younger kids will definitely be asking parents for help. 


Unique unboxing experience
11 to collect
Cute stuffed animals
Fur can be re-used


Takes a long time to pull fur
Younger kids will need assistance

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