Fisher Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Ultimate Headquarters Playset Review

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Editor's Review

The Super Friends Ultimate Headquarters is a massive playset, standing at about 2 feet in height and packed to the rafters with details and play features. The set is primarily made of bare, but very colorful plastic, which is good, since this is meant to played with again and again. The primary red, yellow, blue, gray, and black all thematically link to the two included Imaginext figures in the set: Superman and Batman. The figures have nice, simplistic cartoon-like sculpts with some basic articulation at the head, shoulders, and hips. The paint is mostly well done here except for Batman’s mug, which looks like maybe he put his cowl on crooked. However, the Superman insignia and Bat Computer near the lower half of the playset are looking mighty good.


As mentioned, there are a ton of play features. To start, try out the real working elevator, which can take you between three of the four stories of the HQ. Superman can appear from behind his insignia by rotating the dial above. There is a holding cell for any bad guys on the bottom floor, which opens via the front, but also has a trap door entrance for any baddies who think they’re sneaky! Plug Batman or Superman into the platform at the bat computer to activate lights and sounds. There’s another platform at the top floor which activates the coolest feature of all! Twist to deploy the Batwing and reveal a hidden disc launcher. The Batwing plane has deployable translucent yellow wings, as well as two seats. There’s also a posing clip on one of the wings in case Superman prefers to fly. As if all of that wasn’t enough, you also get a rolling Bat Cycle that Batman can ride, plus two Batarangs, just for good measure. When you’ve got Wayne Enterprises money, no expense is spared for your Super Friend’s secret headquarters!

Super Friends Fisher Price

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Should I get it?

This is a playset that will endure for a young superhero fan’s early years. the numerous play features, colorful presentation and pretend play potential make this a great toy worth picking up.


  • It’s vibrant and exciting to admire.
  • There are a myriad of play features, including 2 vehicles and two included figures of DC A-listers Batman and Superman.
  • This set is 2 feet tall!


  • The paint imperfection on our Batman really stood out. In fairness, it seems like a rare and unfortunate misprint, given how nice Superman looks.

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