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Editor's Review

Friendship is once again at your fingertips. Fingerlings are back, and they are just as cute but also more interactive. You can collect four colorful monkeys and one unicorn, each with its own unique voice and personality. 

With a glowing heart and heartbeat whenever it sits on your finger, and different sensors on the nose, head, and stomach, these Fingerlings respond with more than 70 sounds and reactions. Touch the mouth for feeding, kisses, and more. You can also pet your monkey’s head, swing it upside down, play peek-a-boo, shake it, and rock it to sleep. The more you play, the more you’ll discover, with different reactions depending on if you’re playing with your Fingerlings on your finger or off. Scan the QR code in the instructions for even more ways to play. As the Fingerlings react, their heads move side to side, and their eyes open and close.

These Fingerlings have fuzzy heads and little tufts of hair. The unicorn version features a glittery unicorn horn and hooves. You can adjust their tails to make them sit on a desk or shelf. 

Each Fingerlings includes four button cell batteries.

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If you remember when Fingerlings first came out in 2017, then you’ll remember why these little guys are so fun to monkey around with. Now they’re available for a new generation of kids to discover with all-new looks and even more ways to play.


70+ sounds and reactions

Fuzzy heads

Unique personalites

Many ways to interact with them



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