FGTeeV Mr. Beats Boombox Review

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Editor's Review

This exciting new boombox style playset is on the wildly popular FGTeeV & FV Family YouTube channels with over 28 billion views to date! The boombox is decked out in some fun colorful patterns sure to catch kids eyes. It stands on two funky feet and has a tiger-like print on the handle.

The Mr. Beats Boombox features 6 hit songs from the FGTeeV YouTube channels and contains exclusive collectible figures, a removable DJ booth, and a working microphone to sing along! With popular hits like “Ape Chase”, “I’m a Gurkey Turkey”, and “Granny’s Blueberry Pie Got Flies”, this new set is the ultimate item for the biggest FGTeeV fans!

FGTeeV Mr. Beats Boombox

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The designs are very fun and funky like the family. It’s a fun unboxing experience. Everything fits back inside when done playing and you can travel with the boombox!

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