Fast & Furious Elite RC 4X4 Dom’s Dodge Charger R/T Review

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Editor's Review

First impressions, this thing is big! Perhaps it’s the small car frame against the giant wheels and undercarriage, but this RC looks demolition-derby ready. Don’t get too rough with it however, since the car facade is less robust that it may appear. Appearance-wise though, it definitely completes the look. The RC controller is a trigger type, with steering controlled by the wheel on the side. Some people may have a hard time with these, considering the ubiquity of video game controllers today, and RC remote styles that more closely imitate them. One thing I will add, is that the turn radius on this car is very wide. You won’t be making any hairpin turns in this big boy. In short, this RC car is best suited for the hands of an experienced RC enthusiast, or at least someone who doesn’t mind collisions, here and there.

What this vehicle lacks in precision, it makes up for in presentation! The remote utilizes two AA batteries, which refreshingly ARE included! Tear this guy out of the box and you’ll be ready to rock. The power switch and charging port are located underneath the vehicle, and a USB charging cord is included for the internal rechargeable lithium battery.

Fast & Furious Elite RC 4X4 Dom’s Dodge Charger R/T

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As an RC car, this product gets the job done; yes, it’s fun. However, you may find yourself going back to other cars for repeat play, as performance is not the strong suit of this particular RC. Much of the novelty comes from the licensing, brand appeal, and aesthetics.

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