Fashion Fidgets Dolls Review

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Editor's Review

Get ready for a new sensory play experience with Fashion Fidgets. These collectible dolls double as a fidget toy, and each doll has at least three fidget features! There are 18 dolls to collect, and you won’t know which one you’ve gotten until you open up the box. Keep track of your collection on the collector’s guide. Your doll might click, spin, pop, or turn. And each doll hangs from a heart-shaped clip so that you can attach your doll to a bookbag, purse strap, or belt loop, bringing the fidget fun with you wherever you go.

Fashion Fidgets Dolls

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These combine traditional doll play with tactile play! So along with inspiring imaginative play, the sensory features might also help with stress release and focusing. Kids will like the surprise of finding out which doll is inside and what those doll’s fidget features are!


  • 18 to collect
  • Imaginative play
  • Sensory features


  • None

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