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Editor's Review

The classic game of Snakes and Ladders gets a barnyard twist when you play Farm Snakes and Ladders. In this version, players are racing to the barn. But along the way, they’ll climb ladders and slide down muddy pig slides. Choose which of the seven farm playing pieces you’ll play as, and then take turns spinning the spinner to move your character forward the number of spaces spun. If you land on a yellow square at the bottom of a ladder, move to the space at the top of the ladder. If you land on a brown muddy square, the character slides down to the square at the end of the mud slide marked with a muddy piggy. The first player to reach the barn wins.

You can play this game with two to six players ages 3 and up. The game comes with a game board, seven farm playing pieces, six playing piece stands, a spinner, and instructions.

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This is an easy-to-learn game that helps kids with numbers and counting. Kids will like the silliness of the muddy pigs and mud slides, as well as how those slides and ladders can change up the game in just one turn.


Easy to learn
Helps with numbers and counting
Mud slides and muddy pigs are silly



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