Etta Loves Keith Haring Reversible Sensory Playmat Review

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Editor's Review

It’s rare to find a playmat that’s both comfortable for your baby to lay on while also encouraging them to use their muscles and that’s why the Etta Loves Keith Harding Reversible Playmat should be your next purchase. The playmat is made of organic cotton and has two reversible sides: baby (newborn to 4 month old black and white print) and Brazil (5+ months colored  print). The inside of the playmat has a comfy inner polyester padded filling. Keith Harding’s artwork has been scaled and colored by Etta Loves’ consultant orthoptist to support your baby’s visual and cognitive development. The pattern also encourages your baby to use their back, neck and shoulder muscles (so it helps them prepare for rolling and crawling) because they try to push up to see more of the print. It’s 39” in diameter so it would be the perfect size for your living room or playroom but, if you don’t want the rug to be out 24/7, the playmat comes with a band to hold it together when it’s rolled up. The mat is also machine washable which is perfect for cleaning up drool or spit up. I love the Harding playmat because it’s very soft for tummy time and keeps the kids’ eyes entertained with both the colorful and black and white pattern. Even the bigger kids enjoyed spending time on the mat as Riley and Asher are too big for tummy time, but they loved to sit and play on it, so you can definitely use this for toddlers too. 

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Should I get it?

Yes. This is great to keep your little one occupied during tummy time but also a great playmat for toddlers.


  • It’s soft.
  • Encourages your baby to work their muscles during tummy time.
  • It can be used by toddlers too. 


  • None!

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