Emory the Elephant Plush Review

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Editor's Review

Sure, Hugimals are stuffed animals that are fun to hug, but these plush toys “hug you back” to lower stress, boost calm, and help with sleep and focus. How do they do that? Each animal in the Hugimals line is weighted at approximately 4.5 pounds, kind of like a weighted blanket. According to the manufacturer, the weighted pressure is research-supported to stimulate a relaxation response from the parasympathetic nervous system and tamp down a fight-or-flight stress response. Weighted pressure can also help with focus, like when kids are studying or working.

Each of the Hugimals feature neutral facial expressions to support a range of emotions, calming colors, and a patent-pending removable weighted “inner body”, which makes them washable. The weighted insert also distributes the weight throughout the body and limbs. So if you cuddle with one of these on your lap, tummy, or chest, it’s going to feel like you’re receiving a full-body hug back. The weighted filling is made of non-toxic glass beading found in many weighted blankets.

Animals include Darby the Bear, Charlie the Puppy, Sam the Sloth, and Emory the Elephant. Each one is sold separately.

Emory the Elephant Plush

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These have really nice soft colors, and they are really soft to the touch. They’re also adorable and kids as well as adults will definitely want to give Hugimals a hug. This is the type of thing where you really have to try it for yourself to understand how nice hugging these stuffed animals feels.

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