Electronic Arcade Pinball and Down the Clown Games Review

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Editor's Review

Bring the arcade home with tabletop versions of classic arcade games, such as Electronic Arcade Pinball. It’s got vibrating bumpers and flashing LED lights, plus an electronic score counter and arcade sounds. Launch the steel ball into the game and collect points for hitting it into the two upper slots, two upper round bumpers, the lower round bumper, and two side bumpers. Keep the ball from falling into the gutter by pressing the buttons to activate the flippers. There’s no time limit, but after the third ball falls into the gutter, the game ends. Press the reset button to start a new one.

Down the Clown is a tabletop version of a classic carnival game. Two players race to knock down the most clowns in 60 seconds. As you play, you’ll hear carnival music, sound effects, and electronic scoring. Load the plastic balls into your cannon, aim, and pull back on the lever to launch. Each row of clowns has a different point value and makes a funny sound effect when knocked over. If you knock over all your clowns, but there’s still time left, press the button on your side to pop the clowns back up and try to knock them down again for more points. The balls roll back down into a collection cup that is easy to pick up and pour into the cannon.

Electronic Arcade Pinball and Down the Clown Games

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Playing the Electronic Arcade Pinball is really fun. It’s a smaller version of a pinball machine, which means you can play it anywhere and whenever you want. Kids and adults will like challenging friends and family to see who can get the highest score.

We also liked the skill-and-action challenge of the Electronic Arcade Down the Clown. It’s easy to learn how to play, it’s fast-paced, and it’s a fun head-to-head competition. We also like that it’s easy to reset the clowns.

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