Electronic Arcade Duck Gallery Game Review

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Editor's Review

The Electronic Arcade Duck Gallery includes a conveyor operated shooting gallery, complete with duck targets, and a blaster with ample ammo storage. Presentation on this product is fun and colorful, just as it should be. To start, you’ll need 3 C batteries, which are not included. Once installed, you can switch on the game and get to blasting! Ducks come in 3 different point values: 1, 3, and 5. The included blaster is surprisingly accurate, just take your time and lead your target slightly. One thing I will say is that occasionally the blaster will misfire, requiring you to push the dart back in. Coupled with the need to reload after every shot, and 60 seconds no longer seems like a lot of time! The ducks are connected to the conveyor via a hinge, so as the conveyor rotates, the ducks are automatically reinstalled upright. How convenient! It’s helpful to play with multiple people, not only for competition, but for keeping track of darts! There are single and two player options programmed in, but since you’ll probably have to collect the darts in between rounds, it may be challenging to actually do the 2 player mode. If you’re industrious in collecting darts while your opponent is shooting, you may not have a problem.

Electronic Arcade Duck Gallery Game

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This at-home duck shooting gallery is a lot of fun! Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be making high scores regularly.

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