Electronic Arcade Coin Pusher and Claw Crane Game Review

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Editor's Review

Turn your home into an arcade with tabletop versions of classic arcade games, such as Coin Pusher and Claw Crane. Each is sold separately.

Coin Pusher comes with fun prizes to win, such as 10 gemstones, five treasure pieces, and three empty prize capsules so you can customize the game winnings. The game lights up and plays music as you drop plastic coins into the top of the machine. There are a couple different ways you can use the coins to win, such as by making a prize capsule fall over the edge, collecting three gemstones on top of coins, or scoring a total value of 2,000 coins first. You could even play this game with real coins as the prize inside.

Claw Crane comes with 10 prize capsules that you can fill with candy or other small prizes. You can also add other prizes as long as the claw can fit around them. Once your prizes are loaded, insert a plastic coin to activate the machine and the music. Use the three joysticks to control the claw’s movement and try to grab a prize. If the claw grabs it and successfully drops it through the prize chute, you win. But you only have a limited amount of time before the claw movement stops. Insert another coin, and try again. All the coins end up in the coin tray for easy retrieval.

Electronic Arcade Coin Pusher and Claw Crane Game

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Coin Pusher takes patience and strategy to use the coins to push the prizes off the ledge. We like that there are different ways to play the game, depending on what type of prize you want to play for. The lights and sounds enhance the gameplay.

Claw Crane is a test of skill and luck, but with this version, you don’t have to waste money trying to pick up a prize. Families could easily play this as a game, competing to see who can win the most prizes, however, it could be used in other ways, too: birthday party activity, reward for good behavior, countdown to Christmas or other holiday/event.

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