Eldrador Creatures Shadow Master Robot with Mini Creature Review

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Editor's Review

Eldrador Creatures is an all new line of toys from Schleich that tells the tale of the magical land of Eldrador, and its elemental denizens. Chimeras, elemental beasts and more await you in Eldrador. For consideration here we have the Master Robot, which has been corrupted by shadow, thanks to the included mini Shadow Creature. The name is not on the box, but instead, we have a truly unobstructed view of the toy inside. The first thing that jumps out at you about this toy is the excellent sculpt! Both the mini creature and Master Robot are covered head to toe in excellent sculpted detail. The plated, dented iron of the robot is visually distinct from the smooth crystals and creature. The creature itself is light on paint, but the tradeoff is that it’s translucent in an awesome way, as if it’s made of pure shadow energy. The dry brushed metal on the robot makes all of the sculpted details pop even more.

As for features, you can plug the mini creature inside the master robot to let them pilot it. The Master Robot has rotation at the shoulders and waist, and a hinge in the right arm. You can plug a missile blaster in the right arm which fires a very nice distance! You get 4 missiles included and can store them on the back of the Master Robot. The left arm has a claw that not only rotates, but can open and close by pinching the flaps. It closes on its own, so you can have the Master robot grab some objects! Last but not least, there are clear purple pieces which can be plugged into the Master robot to make it even more menacing. The spikes plug in well, but can occasionally be dislodged during play, so be careful not to misplace them! A convenient storage chamber in the chest can comfortably hold 4 spikes, which is helpful.

Eldrador Creatures Shadow Master Robot

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If the Shadow Master Robot and Mini Creature set is any indicator, the Eldrador Creatures line is sure to be a big hit. Hefty, sturdy, detailed and poseable, Schleich’s first foray into action figures is well worth your time.


  • The sculpt is intricate and expressive.
  • The paintwork is durable and brings out the sculpted details.
  • It has a nice amount of poseability for a toy that’s so solid and hefty.
  • There are a good amount of play options.
  • All of the accessories can be stored on the figure.


  • Shopping parents may get confused if searching for this toy by name only in stores. The box only shows the toy itself and the product number.

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