DZNR Transformers What’s Inside Edition Bumblebee, Megatron, and Optimus Prime Review

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Editor's Review

The DZNR What’s Inside Transformers come in three varieties at launch, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Megatron, with more characters to come. These designs are rooted in their G1 cartoon designs, but take clear creative liberties with the proportions and chibi art style. The boxes are excellent for collectors, as they have windowed packaging that wraps around two facets, illustrations of the G1 designs, as well as an illustration of the toy itself that also wraps around two sides. Graphically, the packaging is very pretty, so you’d be forgiven for keeping these mint. However, here at TTPM we open our toys!

These plush are well stuffed, having a firm body while retaining a plush feel. The stitching across the body is not only strong, but visually subtle as well. Thanks to this sturdy structure and some sewn in flat discs, the plush stand well on their own, making them perfect for shelf display. The feature of the What’s Inside plush is clear at a glance; half the character has their familiar colors and features, while the other half is like an x ray view. We love the juxtaposition of these two halves! The level of detail is so much higher on the x ray half, as is the color and contrast, but the visual language is consistent across both halves, bringing it all together. The darker base color with bright panel lines and wiry detail is a very cool look. Details like Bumblebee’s horns and Megatron’s arm cannon are sewn from the same material as the base body, but Optimus’ fins are made of a thick felt material, sewn on through the middle. The tip of one side was bent out of the box, and seems reluctant to bend back into place, so be careful while handling Optimus.

Megatron DZNR

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The DZNR Transformers What’s Inside Editions are excellent collectibles for G1 Transformers fans. They’re fun to handle, fun to admire, and fun to display on a shelf! What more could you want in a plush?


  • They’re sturdy and well constructed.
  • They stand well on their own.
  • The two decorated halves are very distinct, but visually cohesive.
  • The packages are great for in-box collectors. 


  • Optimus’ horns can bend out of shape if you’re not careful.

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