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Editor's Review

Say hello to Duomoto, the latest cousin in the Shashiibo puzzle cube family. Of course, at a glance, you can see the family resemblance. Six sides, cubic…definitely blends in at the family reunion. However, you’d be mistaken if you dismissed the Duomoto as nothing else! Upon looking for the differences through play, we immediately noticed a split from tradition; it literally splits! Duomotos are actually made of two apparatuses stuck together through magnets. Each half can be manipulated on its own and then stuck back together at magnetically compatible facets. Some very unique shapes can be made via symmetrical structures, but things get really interesting when you combine asymmetrical ones. By splitting the cube into two parts, Fun in Motion has increased the possibilities for play by a tremendous amount. We certainly find it more freeing and easy to use than the Shashiibo and even the Cubendi! Of course, the latter two have their merits and unique charms, but with the Duomoto, you’ll rarely bump against anything you can’t do because of the limitations of the toy. And of course, there are 4 very colorful and mesmerizing color patterns at launch. Look out for Inferno, Sub Zero, Parched and Deluge.


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Should I get it?

We certainly think so! At bare minimum, it’s worth getting one to try it out and compare it to Shashibo and Cubendi cubes. Due to its ease of use, the Duomoto might be a good introduction to the world of Shashibo for a budding fidget toy hobbyist.


  • It comes in 4 very cool varieties.
  • Discovery and play has never been more free and open, thanks to the splitting feature.
  • The potential shape options are also much more open, thanks to the greater range of control. 


  • None!

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