Duo Perfect Balance Bottles and Intui-Latch Nipples Review

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Editor's Review

The Duo Intui-Latch Nipple promotes a natural and secure latch and has 3 different stages of flow. The nipple has a shape that positions the baby’s tongue and lips for a natural, intuitive latch. It offers a breast-like flow and texture. While the skin-like texture helps the baby stay latched.

The Duo Perfect Balance Bottle combines the wellness benefits of pure glass and the convenience of plastic in one bottle. The Chicco Duo uses a technology that bonds an inner layer of glass to a plastic outer layer. The result is a baby bottle that is break-proof, lightweight, and long-lasting.

Duo Perfect Balance Bottles and Intui-Latch Nipples

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The Duo Intui-Latch Nipple features an anti-colic valve that vents air away from the nipple for feeding comfort.

As the inner layer of the Duo Perfect Balance Bottles is glass, the baby’s milk touches 100% pure glass. It won’t leave nasty smells or aftertaste, and the bottle stays clear as it won’t stain. The outer plastic layer is comfortable to hold, break-proof, and durable.

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