Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves Dicelings White Owlbear Review

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Editor's Review

Out of box, the Diceling comes in its unassuming dice form. The numbers are clearly molded on each side, but only the 20, or rather, the D&D ampersand is painted in a nice lustrous gold. The trim detail is a very appreciated level of detail too.

Of course this is nothing compared to its alternate form! The graphic design of the instructions will look very familiar to any fans of Transformers. The transformation is fairly easy and intuitive, at least for someone with transforming toy experience. After 8 steps, you’re left with an Owlbear! From the front, this guy looks great. The molded detail is very fine, right down to the individual tiny feathers. The paint is just enough to add to the illusion, especially the facial disc and the paws. The speckles present in the plumage throughout are also a big help. The back isn’t going to look quite as nice, but how often are you gonna display it from that angle? The best part is, the Owlbear form has articulation in the shoulders, hips, elbows, head and feet. It’s kind of surprising the range of poses you can get with it! If you like the look of this Diceling, keep your eyes open for the Beholder, Black Dragon Rakor, and Red Dragon Themberchaud.

Diceling Owlbear 780 x 780

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Should I get it?

Dicelings are super cool! Their size, level of detail, and complexity lend themselves to being excellent desk toys. We highly recommend them!


  • Both modes look very nice.
  • The transformation is easy enough to not be frustrating, but complex enough to be fun each time you do it.
  • The Owlbear form is articulated, and poses well.
  • Owlbear form has nice paint.


  • The lack of paint on dice form.

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