Dreamworks Gabby’s Dollhouse Sing-Along Boombox Review

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Editor's Review

This boombox resembles Gabby’s dollhouse with cute and colorful design and graphics featuring your favorite characters from the show. It has two buttons – one for on/off/demo, and the second is a volume button with low/medium/high- which is great for parents. Press the Song Button to play the popular theme song, and put on an amazing karaoke performance using the real wired microphone. And one song is all you’ll get in this boombox. After singing your heart out to the one song, kids will be able to slide up the dollhouse windows to reveal characters and fun sound effects, too.

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This can be great for fans who are obsessed with Gabby’s Dollhouse ages 3 and up!


  • Features Gabby and her friends
  • The boombox resembles her house from the show
  • There is somewhat of a handle to carry the boombox and
  • Kids can hear and sing to the theme song


  • The boombox only plays one song and
  • In order to really hear your voice through the mic you have to press your lips close to the microphone

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