Dream Ella Splash Dolls and Dream Bella Unicorns Review

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Editor's Review

The Dream Ella Splash dolls are individual dolls who stand 11.5 inches tall, have painted on mystical designs on their swimsuits and straight long hair. There are 3 here to collect and they all have minimal articulation. Although there isn’t much going on in terms of accessories or articulation, it still can be a fun doll for bath time.

There’s also the Dream Bella Unicorns. Each unicorn has long, silky, brushable mane and tail. Create a unique hairstyle for the unicorn with the included brush. They also have glittery detailed design. There is absolutely no articulation here.

Dream Ella Splash Dolls and Dream Bella Unicorns

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There are 3 different dolls and unicorns to pick from. They have manageable hair and you can create different hair styles.

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