Dr. Seuss Pattern Party Game and Thing One and Thing Two Where Are You? Game Review

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Editor's Review

Have some fun with your favorite Dr. Seuss characters when you play new Dr. Seuss-themed preschool games from Funko.

The Dr. Seuss Pattern Party Game is a spinning and matching game. Each player chooses a color and takes all the tiles of that color. Then, the players choose a spinner and a Goal card. The Goal cards have basic green sides and advanced pink sides, so you can make the game easier or more challenging depending on the age of the players. Take turns spinning your spinner and doing what you spin. If you spin a picture (character, color, shape, or pattern), play one of your tiles on a matching space on the board. If you can’t find a matching space, you can play on any empty space. If you spin Wild!, play one of your tiles on any space on the board, even on top of another tile. And if you spin Swap!, everyone passes their spinner to the left. Then spin again. Play until a player has four of their tiles showing on the game board that match what’s shown on their Goal card, such as a square of four tiles or a vertical row of four tiles.

The Dr. Seuss Thing One and Thing Two Where Are You? Game is a hide-and-seek game. The Hider hides the squishy Thing One and Thing Two figure. The other players take turns flipping over tiles and doing what the tiles say. If you flip a Question tile, you ask the Hider the question to get a clue about where the Things are hiding. The Hider answers the question by placing the tile face up next to either the Yes tile or the No tile. If you flip a Go Look! tile, the Hider flips over the timer and gives you time to go look for the Things using the answered question tiles as clues. If a player finds the Things before the timer runs out, they win. If three Go Look! tiles have been flipped but the Things weren’t found in time, the Hider wins.

Dr. Seuss Pattern Party Game and Thing One and Thing Two Where Are You? Game

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What we like most about these games is that they are easy to learn how to play. Pattern Party is a fun way to help kids with shape and color recognition, while the Thing One and Thing Two game is more of an active game while using deductive reasoning to find the squishy Things. Either game will be fun for fans of Dr. Seuss or any preschooler who likes playing games.

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