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Editor's Review

For those who haven’t heard, DoodleJamz offer the fun of messy art-making, without the mess! The media is trapped between 2 layers of movable film, and you shape the material with an included stylus, or your finger. DoodleJamz pads also have a slot for removable and exchangeable backgrounds, so you can change the subject of your art on the fly.

Now, take all of that, and introduce a lightboard into the mix! That’s right, the Brightboard is a specially crafted, portable light table for your DoodleJamz. You’ll need to find 3 AAA batteries for the light feature, but even without that, the included adjustable kickstand makes it functional even without the batteries. The Brightboard set comes with a Jellypics pad, which is handy, but if you already own a DoodleJamz pad of any type, it’ll fit into the Brightboard as well! You also get three transparent backers to choose from in the Brightboard set. The backlighting really changes the experience; with the light on, the background design is more highlighted, but with it off, the jellypics beads become the more vibrant part of the art. Older backers that are more opaque won’t work quite as well, but you can still try them if you’d like. A good middle ground would be printer paper, from a custom design you print out at or elsewhere.

doodlejamz brightboard 780 x 780

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Should I get it?

If you know someone who loves their DoodleJamz, the Brightboard is a great add-on accessory that puts the “fun” in functional. The built in stand is practical on its own, and the light up feature really changes the entire Doodle Jamz experience. Definitely worth it!


  •  It’s functionally a light table, but in a very portable size.
  • It’s very lightweight.
  • It’s compatible with prior DoodleJamz pads, and allows for the key feature of exchangeable backgrounds.
  • The light is bright and even. Thanks to this, it changes your experience with the art quite a bit. 


  • Batteries aren’t included.

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