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Editor's Review

Dog Man Flip-O-Rama is a game for 2-4 players ages 6 and up. It’s a very simple game to grasp. First, shuffle all 62 Flip-O-Rama cards, then place the deck equidistant between all players. The youngest player starts by drawing a card and placing it in a location where all players have a fair ability to see the card. Play continues clockwise, and the process repeats like this, placing subsequent cards next to each other, so that they do not overlap. Eventually, a matching pair will appear, at which point you must ring the bell and point out the match. Act quickly before anyone else if you see a match! If correct, you win the cards, if not, give any previously won pair to a player of your choosing. The game continues as such until there are no more Flip-O-Rama cards. Everyone tallies their cards and declares a winner based on who has the most!

The Flip-O-Rama cards are filled with references to the Dog Man comic, including visual gags and characters. Careful, as some cards are tricky and are seemingly designed to trip you up. Pay attention to the background color when in doubt. While 62 seems like a lot of cards, the human brain can pretty easily register 31 pairs. While more cards would be unwieldy to shuffle, they would help lengthen matches and increase the challenge. Perhaps expansion packs would help!

Dog Man 780 x 780

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Fans of Dog Man will enjoy the characteristically zany humor of the cards. It’s a bit of an easy game, which makes it nice for kids on the younger end, around 6 ish.


  • It’s a mechanically simple game to grasp.
  • The reflex element keeps thing engaging and exciting.
  • The illustrations are straight from Dav Pilkey, so Dog Man fans will enjoy them.
  • The cards are full of references to the Dog Man lore.


  • The game may have benefitted from more cards. After a few rounds, you start to recognize the pairs based on sheer instinct.

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