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Editor's Review

Get ready to play with man’s best friend like never before. Dog-E is a robot dog that communicates with you through its tail. It’s also a bit of an unboxing surprise because while you know that your box contains a Dog-E, you won’t know the color or position of its ears, the shape of its eyes, the color of its tongue, the color of its collar, the color and shape of its collar tag, and the color of its toy bone. 

The surprises don’t end there. Through the play with Dog-E, you’ll discover more than 200 sounds and reactions. Follow the icons in Dog-E’s wagging tail to find out what Dog-E wants. He might want you to pet his head and give him some love. He might want to play with his toy. If he’s hungry, you’ll need to press his nose. Sometimes Dog-E even poops. You don’t have to do anything, but it’s funny to hear the sound effects and see the poop icon appear. And arrows tell you to press its nose to reveal paw colors or lift Dog-E to reveal a bark and heart color. You can also press Dog-E’s left ear to play six different games: Fortune Teller, Code Breaker, Ultimate Nose Boop, Turbo Pet, Stay or Go, and Bark Back. To find the instructions for all of these games, you’ll need to scan the QR code on the Quick Start Guide. 

And for more ways to play, download the free Dog-E app. The app lets you feed your dog treats, teach it tricks, draw and write messages in its tail, earn rewards, track its needs, and even mint a new dog personality. For instance, your dog might be lucky, picky, or lazy, and have multi-colored eyes and paws. It’s all up to you! Up to 10 Dog-E personalities can be saved to the dog, allowing you to mint multiple unique Dog-Es. 

Dog-E comes with a USB-C charging cable, and it takes about 75 minutes for the battery to get a full charge.

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Even without all the customization, Dog-E is a lot of fun to play with. The movements and sound effects are realistic, allowing kids to feel like they’re playing with a real dog. (This is a great alternative for kids who are allergic to dogs or who live where pets are not allowed.) The wagging of the tail is a little loud, but luckily, the dog doesn’t constantly wag its tail. For kids, it will be a fun surprise as to what their Dog-E looks like and comes with, and they’ll also enjoy discovering all the things Dog-E can do, both with and without the free app. 


Realistic movements & sound effects
Surprise what your dog looks like
More ways to play & customize in the app
200+ sounds and reactions


Tail wagging is loud

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