Do You Really Know Your Family? Game Review

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Editor's Review

Do you know your mom’s least favorite vegetable? How about your brother’s favorite day of the year? Put your knowledge of family facts to the test with Do You Really Know Your Family? The gameplay is simple. Take turns drawing a card from the top of the deck and either reading aloud the trivia question or performing the challenge. Trivia questions include “What is my favorite thing about school/work?” and “What do I look forward to most when I wake up?” The person reading the card thinks of their answer to the question first, and then reads the question so the other players can try to guess the reader’s answer. The first person to guess the correct answer gets to keep the card. If no one can guess it, the reader can give hints until someone does. If you draw a challenge card, read it out loud and perform the challenge. Some of these include closing your eyes and guessing what another player has given you to eat. Some challenges are solo endeavors, while others have players working together. Whoever successfully completes the challenge keeps the card. Discard the card if the challenge is not completed or if no one wants to do it. The “smell the feet of everyone else” challenge card might be one that you nix. The first person to collect 15 cards wins. 

The game comes with 200 cards and is for three to eight players ages 8 and up.

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This will be a fun game if you’re playing with family members who you know really well. Immediate family members or even friends would be the best group to play with, since you might not know who your uncle’s favorite superhero is. However, if you do play with extended family, look at this game as a way to get to know those family members and spark discussion about the answers. Because of the easy and kid-friendly trivia questions, we think kids will enjoy this game the most.


Get to know your family members
Sparks discussion
Challenges are silly
Fun to play with immediate family or friends



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