DJ Beat Boxer Review

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Editor's Review

DJ’s a music-mixing adorable purple pup, who is as stylish as they come! There’s tons of interactive fun here so pay attention. There’s tons of ways to get her movin’- scratch her head, boop her nose, shake her paw, press her ears or push the buttons on her headphones. Each interaction adds layers to the music so you and DJ can create a new song together! Press her headphones buttons to start a rhythm and add in backbeats or harmonies. Add more cool sounds like record-scratching sounds by scratching her head or touch her nose for an air horn effect. You can even press DJ’s ear to record a quick phrase to drop into your song.

DJ Beat Boxer

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Should I get it?

This is great for kids as little as 3 years old!


  • There are different ways to interact with DJ
  • Great way to get kids moving
  • Kids can explore their musical creativity
  • It doesn’t hurt that she’s super cute!


  • Requires 4 AA batteries; batteries included for demo purposes only

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