DIY Tie-Dye Chalkboard T-Shirt and Bag Kits! Review

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Editor's Review

Chalk Me Up’s chalkboard T-shirts and bags let kids get creative by drawing words and art on the printed chalkboard design. Along with that customization, now kids can tie-dye the shirts and bags with DIY Tie-Dye Chalkboard T-shirt Kits and Chalkboard Bag Kits. You can purchase the shirts and bags with one of six chalkboard designs printed on it: butterfly, heart, unicorn, truck, dinosaur, and shark. 

Each shirt comes in eight sizes from 2T to XL. For the toddler sizes, the shirt comes with six pieces of chalk, and each youth shirt comes with six chalk markers. Each bag comes with four chalk markers. There’s also a cloth to wipe off the chalkboard and create again. For best results, don’t leave the chalk marker on the chalkboard for more than three days or you won’t be able to get it fully clean. 

To tie-dye, the shirt and bag kits each come with three easy-squeeze bottles of primary colors (red, yellow, and blue), an empty bottle, three additional dye packets, two pairs of disposable gloves, 20 rubber bands, and a tablecloth.

Follow the directions on the back of the box to protect your work surface, rubber band the shirt or bag, mix the colors with water, and apply the dyes. One thing we noticed was that the dye tended to bead and run off the fabric, especially on the tote bag. We’re wondering if there is supposed to be a step to get the fabric wet before applying the dye. Place your finished shirt or bag in a plastic bag to sit overnight, and then you can remove the rubber bands the next day and wash the shirt or bag under cold water until the water runs clear. Let the shirt or bag dry fully before using.

Once dry, you can use the chalk or chalk markers to write words or draw pictures on the chalkboard part of the T-shirt. 

Both shirts and bags are washer/dryer safe. 

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This is a fun activity that promotes creativity on two levels. First, kids will like creating their own tie-dye design on a shirt or bag. And then they get to add their own artwork to the chalkboard on the fabric, which can be wiped away for a new message or drawing every time kids wear it or carry it. 

In terms of the dye beading and rolling off the fabric during the tie-dye process, the shirt still came out looking okay, but we were less pleased with the tote bag results.


Kids get to tie-dye a shirt or bag
Add artwork to the chalkboard
Chalkboard art is erasable
Creative activity



Dye doesn’t absorb well
Hard to wash off the chalk marker

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