DIY Boombox Speaker Review

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Editor's Review

Listening to music is fun, but have you ever wondered how the music comes out of your device? With the DIY Boombox Speaker, kids can learn about the inner workings of a radio by building their own. This STEM kit comes with all the pieces for kids to assemble a cardboard boombox, complete with working speakers, a volume dial, stickers, paint markers, and more. Follow the instructions to assemble the boombox, then decorate it with the stickers, markers, and stencils. And that’s not all! Slide your phone into the holder on the front of the boombox and press play in your favorite music app. Then turn the boombox’s volume dial clockwise until you hear a click to turn it on and listen to the music through its speakers.

DIY Boombox Speaker

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It’s pretty cool to see what’s inside a music-playing device, though we do wish there was more explanation as to how everything works. Still, this is a good introduction to seeing how electronic components go together, and it inspires creativity through decorating the boombox.

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