Dive Diamond Pool Set and Pool Party Review

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Editor's Review

Dive Diamonds takes the classic pool diving game to another level thanks to three light-up sinking diamonds. One person drops the diamonds into the water while the other players race to retrieve them. The player who gets the most wins. You can also play the game in teams and see which team can retrieve their color diamond first. Or carry a Dive Diamond to the bottom of the pool and see who can hold the diamond and their breath underwater the longest.

Race, dive, and play tag with the Pool Party Set. This includes two Dive Diamonds, two Relay Race Lights, and four wearable LED bracelets. And yes, everything lights up. Use the 10 game cards to choose a different way to play with all the game pieces, such as Flower Push Relay, where you swim and use your face to push one of the Relay Race Lights across the pool; and Human Whirlpool, where everyone circles clockwise to create a whirlpool that spins around the Relay Lights.

Dive Diamond Pool Set and Pool Party

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One of the best things about these pool games is that there are many different ways to play. Kids can play one of the suggested games or create their own game. The light-up pieces look really cool in the water, whether it’s daytime or getting dark out. This just makes it even more fun for kids to play and swim around in the pool.

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