Disney Zombies 3 Singing Addison, Willa, Zed, Addison, A-Spen, and Leader of the Pack Dolls Review

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Editor's Review

Whether you’re a monster, alien, or human, you’ll like playing out scenes from the Disney movie Zombies 3 with new dolls from Hasbro.

The Singing Addison doll comes with three button cell batteries that power the doll’s singing feature. Press the center of the doll’s belt to hear a snippet of the song “I’m Finally Me” and watch the doll light up. That’s the character letting her inner light shine. The doll wears an interstellar look of long-sleeved dress with glittery blue skirt, silver boots, and iconic Luma Lens bracelet accessories. Her long blue hair has two strands twisted away from her face, with lots of silver sparkle.

Fans can also collect a non-singing version of Addison with the Zombies 3 Addison doll. This doll wears a blue dress with silver boots. She has long blue hair and a Luma Lens bracelet accessory.

Collect additional characters from the TV movie, such as Willa, A-Spen, and Zed. Willa wears a furry purple vest with black pants and black boots. The doll comes with a pocket belt, an arm cuff, and a Moonstone necklace accessory. She’s got a white streak in her curly black hair. A-Spen wears their signature alien outfit of blue-and-silver jumpsuit, silver boots, and Luma Lens bracelet accessory. The doll has short rooted blue hair. Zed is a stylish zombie in a Zombie Pride jacket, jeans, sneakers, and a Z-band. The doll’s skin is tinged green, and he has green plastic hair.

You can collect four dolls in one with the Zombies 3 Leader of the Pack doll collection. Inside the box are 12-inch dolls of Addison, A-Spen, Zed, and Willa. Zed wears his football uniform, Addison wears her cheer captain uniform, and Willa and A-Spen wear versions of their movie costumes. All of the dolls are very poseable.

Disney Zombies 3 780 x 780

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These dolls are a fun way for kids to collect favorite characters from the new movie, play out their favorite movie scenes, and imagine all-new adventures. The music and lights bring the Singing Addison doll to life. The movie-inspired fashions of all the dolls are very detailed. These will inspire a lot of imaginative play.


Different ways to collect favorite characters
Movie-inspired fashions
Singing Addison doll has music and lights
Imaginative play



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