Disney Villains the Card Game Review

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Editor's Review

You’ll find all your favorite Disney villains in Disney Villains the Card Game. The object of this card-collecting game is to build the strongest team of villains and henchmen. 

The gameplay, for three to six players, is a little bit like Crazy Eights. All players select a villain and take the corresponding deck. You can play as Maleficent, Jafar, Captain Hook, Scar, Ursula, or Cruella de Vil. One side of each card shows the villain, while the other side shows a hero. Now, shuffle your deck and place it face down (Hero side up) in front of you to form a draw pile. Once you draw a card from the draw pile and place it face up (Villain side up) to start your personal discard pile and then draw four cards into your hand, you’re ready to start.

On your turn, you must play a card from your hand. To play a card, you have to match the color or number of the top card on your discard pile or on the discard pile of an opponent. Only cards played on your own discard pile will count for points at the end. Be careful what card you try to play on your own discard pile because if it can also match an opponent’s, then the opponent automatically gets the card. If you don’t have a card to play or you don’t want to play on an opponent’s pile, then you can place any of your cards face down with the Hero side up on your discard pile. Then, on your next turn, any card can be played to match your Hero. When your turn ends, draw a card from your draw pile to add to your hand so that you have four cards again. 

Each Villain deck contains Special Cards that add more challenge to the game. (You can remove these cards if you don’t want to play with them.) If you play one of these cards, you’ll discard it on a separate discard pile in the middle of the table. Then follow its ability, which could include removing the top discard pile card with the highest numerical value or swapping another player’s top discard pile card with your own.

Once all the cards have been played, the game ends. Go through your discard pile to separate the Hero cards from the Villain cards. Count how many Hero cards you have, and any Villain cards with that number on them are canceled and not worth any points. All remaining Villain cards receive as many points as their numerical value. The player with the most points wins. 

The game includes 120 cards and rules. 

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We like the strategy of this card game, and that the gameplay is pretty easy to learn. You can also play with or without the Special Cards, depending on who you’re playing with and if you want more of a challenge. Disney fans will like seeing familiar characters on all of the cards and playing as their favorite villain.



Pretty easy to learn

Special Cards add more challenge

Fun to play as your favorite villain



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