Disney Raya and The Last Dragon Dragon Sisu, Young Raya & Kumandra Flower, Raya and Sisu, & More Review

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Disney’s latest animated movie, out now on Disney+, features Raya, a young girl who goes on a mythical quest to find the Last Dragon, hoping it will bring salvation to her village under threat of evil forces.

Let’s begin with the Hasbro toys. First up, meet the Raya doll. The Raya doll has beautiful, long brown hair, is dressed in a molded gold top and green pants, comes with a sword, and has five points of articulation. Kids can dress the Raya doll in her shoes and cape to act out scenes from the movie, like lone warrior Raya fighting to save Kumandra.

Another main character in the movie is Sisu! This doll has lavender hair like her animated character, and comes dressed in her blue top, purple belt, and gray shorts. Sisu also has five points of articulation, which is fun for posing in some battle scenes kids may want to recreate.

Another doll kids can get their hands on is the Young Raya & Kumandra Flower. Here you get Raya, who lights up and plays music! She wears a striking blue jumpsuit with matching shoes and a beautiful updo hair style. The doll comes with batteries so kids can play with her right out of the box.

Next, is the Raya Dragon Sisu! The Sisu toy has soft purple hair and includes articulation in her head and tail. It’s no small replica either. At a little over two feet long, Sisu can go on all kinds of adventures kids think up.

Now, what’s life without some surprise unboxing toys!? Hasbro’s Raya line offers some unboxing fun too! Each package contains one figure and awesome accessories. Peel open the packaging to reveal a Kumandra flower inspired by the movie. Inside the flower, kids will find their surprise figure. Kids will randomly receive one of eight characters inspired by the movie. They can also use the Kumandra flower to display each doll when they’re not playing with them.

Lastly, from Hasbro, we have the Land of Kumandra Set. This pack includes eight of the major characters in the Raya movie. Each figure is dressed in a molded outfit and shoes. The Raya doll and Namaari doll include capes, and Sisu Human doll includes a jacket. It also includes accessories like a satchel, plate of fish, and more.

And from Just Play, we have some adorable Raya and The Last Dragon plush. Meet the Fold’n Roll Tuk Tuk. This little creature is made with super soft materials and features unique designs. His shell is even made of a beautiful embossed fabric. He is 11 inches long when unrolled and kids can really roll him into a ball! This two-in-one play plush allows for imaginative play when Tuk Tuk is unrolled and is fun for cuddling whether he’s unrolled or all curled up.

Disney Raya and The Last Dragon Dragon Sisu, Young Raya & Kumandra Flower, Raya and Sisu, & More

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These toys are a great representation of characters from Southeast Asia. Kids can use them to recreate storylines from the Raya and The Last Dragon movie and even combine the different dolls and sets for multiple ways to play.

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