Disney Princess Core Dolls Moana, Ariel, Snow White, Belle, and More! Review

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Editor's Review

Collect some of your favorite Disney Princesses with new Disney Princess fashion dolls from Mattel. The lineup includes Cinderella, Belle, Rapunzel, Snow White, Ariel, and Moana. Each doll wears a glittery version of her signature movie outfit. Ariel’s dress isn’t an exact replica of anything she wore in the movie, however, the gown features a green-and-purple color scheme that represents her mermaid tail and seashell swim top from the movie. And while most of the dolls wear gowns, Moana’s outfit has stayed true to the movie look, with the exception of some glitter. Each doll also has accessories, such as a hairpiece, shoes, or a necklace. While the skirts of each doll are fabric and removal, the bodices are all plastic, and most have a translucent, glittery look. Each doll has poseability in the head, arms, and legs. And we think Mattel did a good job capturing the different facial features of each character.

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Kids are going to have a lot of fun playing out favorite scenes from favorite Disney movies with their favorite Disney Princesses. We like the glittery gowns, the variety of princesses to choose from, and the poseability. These will inspire imaginative play.


Glittery versions of signature outfits

6 dolls to collect

Dolls are poseable

Imaginative play



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