Disney/Pixar Lightyear Ultimate Mission Sox Review

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Editor's Review

The Disney/Pixar Lightyear Ultimate Mission Sox brings Buzz Lightyear’s cat companion Sox to life through more than 100 sound and motion combinations. When you turn on Sox, its head and eyes will move, plus Sox will walk and talk depending on where you pet him. There are touch sensors in Sox’s head, cheeks, and back, plus different taps and swipes on these sensors will activate different reactions. You can also make Sox fall asleep when you pull and hold his collar tag for two to three seconds. Pull the tag to wake him up. 

For more play, Sox comes with six colorful data chips. Plug one into Sox’s tail to unlock a specific game mode. You can make Sox play soothing sounds, including Whale Calls. There’s also an Ask Sox game, where you ask Sox a yes or no question and pat his head for the response. Maintenance check-up gives Sox a check-up of his sensors. Learn about space in Space Exploration Trivia. Practice your skills in the T’Kani Prime Training Module. And unlock a secret message from Buzz in Secret Code Emergency. 

Four AA batteries are required but not included. 

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This is a really cool way for kids to play with a favorite character. It’s so cool watching Sox walk and talk, just like from the movie! And with the options to play with Sox in robot companion mode or in six game modes, there is a lot of interactivity with this toy. This will definitely inspire a lot of imaginative play for Lightyear fans.


100 sounds and motion combinations
6 game modes
Very interactive
Brings the character to life
Imaginative play


Batteries are not included

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