Disney Pixar Lightyear Space Ranger Jetpack Hot Wheels RC Review

Editor's Rating


Editor's Review

The Lightyear Space Ranger Jetpack RC is of modest size, but the sculpt is sharp, and every paint app is clean and precise. For the controller, you’ll need 2 AAA batteries of your own, but the gyro can be fully charged in approximately 90 minutes with the included USB to Micro USB cable.

To start, flip the switch on the RC and press the pairing button on the controller, then, take off with the up arrow. The RC flies steady and stable in the air, allowing you to make full use of the surprisingly comprehensive control scheme. The left stick allows you to move up and down along the Y axis, and rotate in place, while the right stick moves you in a cardinal direction along the X axis. We were impressed with how precise you can be here, it’s refreshing, coming from a gyro toy. Press the shoulder button to do a quick stunt, and when you’re ready, press the down arrow to do a smooth landing. While the RC does have motion sensors that are pretty good at avoiding collisions, the RC can sometimes get overwhelmed in tight spaces and crash. Thankfully, the light weight prevents it from taking any substantial fall damage.

Lightyear Jetpack RC 780 x 780

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Should I get it?

If you’re looking for a gyro RC toy, this is the one. The comprehensive controls and steady flying are among the best we’ve seen in a toy of this type.


  • The look is cool and detailed.
  • It hovers and flies with great stability.
  • The control scheme is robust.
  • You get a charging cable. 


  • The motion sensors can get overwhelmed in smaller spaces.
  • Batteries aren’t included. 

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