Disney Pixar Lightyear Movie Toys: Buzz Lightyear Blast & Battle XL-15 & More Review

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Editor's Review

Starting with the faces of the movie, the Buzz and Zurg figures are in 1/6th scale and have excellent molded detail throughout, even on the soles of their boots. They have articulation in the shoulders, hips, elbows, knees, and neck. Buzz is easier to pose on his own, even without an ankle pivot. Zurg’s clodhoppers make him tricky to stand up in any dynamic pose, but it is possible with patience. All in all, solid 1/6th scale toy action figures with more pose-ability and detail than we were expecting.

Next up we have the Laser Blade Dx. This energy blade comes with 3 pre-installed AAA batteries! Once again the molded detail here is precise, and the paintwork is clean. Even deactivated, the translucent blue edge still makes this weapon look awesome. However, you can press the trigger button for individual light and sound segments, or flip the switch for a fully active, glowing Laser Blade. Swing it in an arc to make a whooshing noise, or continue to press the trigger for even more battle sounds.

Time for the vehicles, starting with Zurg’s Fighter Ship. As with all the toys in this line, detail is superb. Dark gray paint breaks up the purple hull, and red and green accents adorn the intakes, fins, and thrusters. The clear green cockpit window can open to reveal a Zurg miniature. The green missiles can be launched via the buttons on either side of the cockpit, and for the cherry on top, there is fold out landing gear. Awesome!

Finally, we have the Blast & Battle XL-15. This large ship comes in a subtle white, powder blue, and cool gray color scheme, and has just enough panel lines to convey detail, but retain the sleek and iconic design. The clear yellow cockpit window shows Buzz at the helm, and there are missile launchers at each wing, with two extra missiles in case the first two get lost! This ship also has landing gear, and an included Buzz action figure with flight pack, but we’ve yet to cover the coolest feature. Plug Buzz into the foot rests, fold up his wings, and lay him inside the cockpit. When the time is right, pull the switch in the back of the ship to have the cockpit burst open and set Buzz into take off position. This play feature is super fun and addicting. Closing the cockpit back up can be a little tricky at times, but keep at it, and it will eventually work.

Disney Pixar Lightyear Movie Toys: Buzz Lightyear Blast & Battle XL-15 & More

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All of these Lightyear toys are fun in their own specific ways. Fans of a little rough and tumble battles with their toys will enjoy the 1/6th scale Buzz and Zurg. Fans of roleplaying will enjoy the Laser Blade Dx, and it’s hard to imagine anyone not loving the spaceships!

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