Disney Mickey and the Beanstalk and Hidden Mickeys Games Review

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Editor's Review

Young Disney fans will like playing with Mickey Mouse through two new games from Funko.

The Disney Mickey and the Beanstalk Game is a cooperative game based on the short from Fun and Fancy Free. Players can play as Mickey, Minnie, Donald, or Goofy and work together to send food from Willie the Giant’s table down to Happy Valley without getting caught. Take turns spinning the spinner and doing what it says. If you spin a plate, you have to put a food token in the lock box. If you spin the Giant, move the Giant marker to the closest table edge of that color. If there’s a character in front of him, he gets to lock something up. If you spin Sneak, the giant doesn’t move or lock anything up. There are numbers on the spinner, and that means that you get to move, too. If you move and stop on a Food space or Key space, flip over a token from the matching pile and place it on an empty spot on your character mat. You can only have three items at a time and only one of those items can be a key, so if you don’t have space, you can’t take a token. What do you do with the food? You can slide back down the beanstalk and bring it to a matching spot at one of the four houses in Happy Valley. If you have the golden harp, that goes to the castle. Let’s say you have a key and you stop on the Giant’s lockbox. Discard your key and take one item from the lockbox mat. When all the houses are fed and the characters and harp are back in Happy Valley, the game ends and the players win. But if all eight spots on the Giant’s lockbox fill up, the Giant wins and the players lose.

If you’re a fan of searching for the hidden Mickeys at Disney Parks and Resorts, then you’ll like finding the hidden Mickeys in the Hidden Mickeys preschool game. Hide the Mickey Markers in different spots around the house, and take turns drawing cards to see what to do next. If you draw a Mickey card, flip over the sand timer and whoever has the Finder token must try to find the matching colored Mickey Marker before time runs out. If the player is successful, he gets to add a Scene card to his score pile, and then he gives the Finder token to the next player. Any Scene cards drawn get placed face up in the discard pile as potential rewards for future Finders. If someone draws a Surprise card, that’s an extra bonus point in that player’s score pile. Once all the Mickey cards have been flipped, the game ends, and players count up how many hidden Mickeys are on the cards in their score piles. The player with the most wins.

Disney Mickey and the Beanstalk and Hidden Mickeys Games

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Mickey and the Beanstalk is a beautifully illustrated game. We really like how the game box turns into the 3-D gameboard. We also like that there’s some strategy involved along with surprise elements that change up the gameplay.

Hidden Mickeys is a nice challenge of memory, matching, and counting mixed in with active play. Little kids will like seeking out the hidden Mickey Markers as well as the hidden Mickeys on their cards. We also like that it doesn’t matter how many cards you have at the end of the game – only how many hidden Mickeys you have, so the winner reveal will be a surprise.

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