Disney It’s a Small World! Game Review

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Editor's Review

It takes a few moments to set up the four rotating bases and insert the clock tower. You need two teams when playing- each team takes a boat and a card holder. If you want a calmer game just use one boat and all players work together.

On your teams turn move your boatmen space along the water way and draw the number of cards shown on that space. If you happen to see the clock tower smiley face turn the wheel on the clock tower. Then look at the scenes in your room. Can you see people or animals that match your picture cards? If you do, you get a point! You can only match your cards to the four scenes in your boats room. If you get the colorful arrowed card that means you can flip the scene boards to get different scenes in your room and find matches! Both teams or team continue until the clock tower reveals the stars. Both teams will count all the cards and the team with the most cards wins. If playing with just one team, the game ends when you collectively reach 20 cards.

Disney It’s a Small World! Game

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The game gives you that old-school vibe. It’s a nostalgic ride at Disney. 2 to 6 players can play at once and for smaller kids, there’s an option to not play competitively.

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