Disney A Goofy Movie Game Review

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Editor's Review

It’s Powerline’s final tour show, and you’ve got to be there. Travel across the country when you play A Goofy Movie Game. You’ll need two to four players ages 7 and up to play.

Once you set up the game board, each player picks a character mover and takes that character’s deck of cards. Draw four cards from your deck to look at, but keep them secret from the other players.

The game is played in rounds. In each round, all players start by choosing one card from their hand to play by placing it face down in front of them. Then, everyone reveals their cards. Each card has a color and a number on it, and if you played the highest number of your card’s color, you get to collect the Scrapbook card that matches that color. When a Scrapbook card is taken, immediately fill that slot with a new Scrapbook card.

Now all players get a turn to move based on how many spaces it says to move on the character card that they played. If you land on a colored pin, collect that Scrapbook card from the matching color slot and refill it. If you land on a Die space, roll the die. For each symbol rolled, move Powerline one space and/or collect a Scrapbook card from Goofy’s slot, refill it, and move Goofy along the arrow. If you land on a Bonus space, collect one of the tokens on that space. These score you two extra points for each matching card that you have at the end of the game.

Once everyone has moved, discard your character card, draw a new one from your deck, and start a new round. When your character gets to Los Angeles, place the character on an empty seat and roll the die. You want to get to L.A. first because the best seats score the most points at the end of the game.

Once Powerline reaches Los Angeles (or the Scrapbook deck runs out), finish the current round and play one more. Then the game ends and everyone adds up their points. The player with the most points wins.

The game comes with a game board, four character figures, Goofy figure, Powerline figure, 50 Scrapbook cards, 48 Character cards, four Reference cards, six Bonus tokens, a die, and instructions.

Disney A Goofy Movie Game

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We like that this game is quick to play, and it was fun looking at the pictures on the Scrapbook cards and remembering those movie moments. This will definitely appeal to fans of the 1995 movie, who are mainly adults and probably parents themselves by now.

However, the scoring process was a little cumbersome. It does add some strategy to the gameplay because for some cards, you need to have two or three in order to score any points for them. Luckily, each player does get a quick reference card with a scoring cheat sheet on it, but we do recommend having pencil and paper handy so you can keep track of who has what and who scores what. It’s a little more complicated than simply counting up points.


  • Quick to play
  • Scrapbook cards feature favorite movie moments
  • Fun game for fans


  • Cumbersome scoring process

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