Disney 100 Surprise Capsules Series 1 Review

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Editor's Review

Celebrate Disney’s landmark 100-year legacy with Disney 100 Surprise Capsules. Series 1 commemorates 12 of Disney’s most iconic and loved characters with two rare characters to collect. You might open a capsule and unbox Simba, Alice in Wonderland, Mickey Mouse, Moana, Stitch, Tinkerbell, Woody, Olaf, Sully and Boo, Pinocchio, Dory and Nemo, or Snow White. Series 1 rare characters include a silver-coated Mickey Mouse and Tinkerbell. Keep track of your collection on the collector’s guide. Each collectible figure is 2.5 inches tall, and as you unbox, you’ll use numbered magical reveal clue cards to get a hint to the mystery character inside. You might need to scratch off or use the heat from your hand to reveal the clues. And to go along with each figure, you’ll also unbox accessories and scene cards that can be inserted into the capsule, which transforms into a pedestal perfect for displaying each figure. The only thing we’d change about these display bases are having something to keep the figures in place. The figures can be purchased in two-packs or 12-packs.

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Disney fans young and old will have fun opening up these mystery capsules to see which favorite character is inside. The unboxing experience will be fun for kids, especially going through the clues and trying to guess the character. (Just keep in mind that the third “clue” is a sticker that gives it away!) While these small figures will be fun for imaginative play, older Disney fans will definitely want to collect and display all of these, and we like that there is a built-in display option for collectors.


Unboxing experience

Imaginative play

Great to display for older fans & collectors


Display stands don’t keep the figures in place

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