Disney 100 Candy Dispenser and Candy Case Review

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Editor's Review

If you’re a Disney fan who loves candy, then you’ll love the Disney 100 Candy Dispenser and Candy Case. Each of these Disney-themed candy containers comes with candy and features silvery Disney 100 designs. 

The Candy Dispenser features the Disney 100 logo on the front and a silver Mickey Mouse figure on top. It comes with a small bag of candy, but you could add your favorite candy by twisting off the top and pouring it in. Then turn the dial until a piece of candy rolls out. 

The Candy Case actually comes with two cases: one of Mickey and one of Minnie. Both have a silvery finish. Each case comes with a bag of candy, but you could carry around any small candies. Just open the back of the head and pour your candy inside. Then whenever you need a candy break, open it up and pour some out. There are holes on the back that kind of look like you could string thin ribbon through it and wear the candy case, but we’re just guessing. There are no instructions.

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Candy-loving Disney fanatics will have fun collecting these special Disney 100 candy containers. Even if you don’t like the candy that comes in the package – or can’t eat it due to dietary restrictions – you can always add in whatever candy you like or just use these as fun display pieces in your Disney collection.


Silvery finish gives these a celebratory look
Each one comes with candy
Nice to display in a Disney collection



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