Discovery Mindblown DIY Prize-Pod Robot Review

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Editor's Review

Out of the box, the toy will come unassembled, because, naturally, that’s half the fun of the toy! Everything you need to build the Prize-Pod Robot is included within the box, no outside tools required. 20 bolts, 23 parts, and 12 prize pods are included. The prize pods each contain parts to convert them into miniature robots themselves! The instructions are very clear, and overall, it’s a nice, casual, and fun activity for kids to build, nothing overly challenging. Because it’s the right balance of engagement and fun, it allows you to enjoy the simple and elegant engineering of the build and the dispensing mechanism. The guardian holds together solidly once fully built, and can be easily loaded up with prize pods through the back of its head. The translucent red face allows you to see not only the amount of pods loaded inside the robot, but the dispensing mechanism inside the chest window. Turn the left arm to dispense a prize pod out of the right one. It’s super satisfying! If you so choose, you can fill the pods with your own goodies and enjoy the toy in its purest form. The best part is, if you want to relive the building process, you can use the included hex wrench (which stores on the top of its head)  to disassemble it and rebuild it all over again. The is a great introductory toy for inquisitive kiddos who delight in seeing how things work.

Discovery mindblown diy prize-pod robot

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This build it yourself toy Prize-Pod Robot is a great educational toy to build, tear down and build again. The versatility of play is vast, so we highly recommend it!


  • It includes everything you need to build it out of the box, no extra tools needed.
  • It can be built, disassembled, and rebuilt over and over.
  • You can load the prize pods with your own treats, or turn them into little bots of your own.
  • Best of all, it’s a great intro into engineering for kids, combining fun play through the building and educational design with the clear parts and instructions. 


  • None!

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