Dinosaurs Volcano Expedition Base Camp and Air Attack Sets Review

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Editor's Review

The Dinosaurs Volcano Expedition Base Camp is a 32-piece set and comes with two dinosaurs! This set is exploding with action-packed play functions- glowing lava, cool vapor, realistic tremors, and a ground shaking eruption. Imagine you’re a dino researcher studying living dinosaurs deep in the jungle. Suddenly, the ground begins to tremble, and thick smoke darkens the sky. It’s a volcanic eruption! It features an exciting eruption that catapults stones from the volcano’s crater. Built-in LED lighting illuminates the lava flow for realistic magma effects. Feel the earth tremble as the volcano vibrates and emits smoke (don’t worry, parents- it’s a cool pretend smoke).

The next set is the Dinosaurs Air Attack! This includes 10 pieces, one researcher, dinosaur, helicopter, and a few other accessories to put a story together. It’s perfect for following and catching dinosaurs from the air. Get the dinosaur with the tranquilizer cannon! Once the dinosaur is caught it can be easily carried with the winch on the helicopter.

Dinosaurs Volcano Expedition Base Camp and Air Attack Sets

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Both sets are full of storytelling fun. You can combine the sets together. It’s full of open ended play for imagination and they’re very well detailed.

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