Diaper Bag, Baby Carrier, and Baby Wrap Combo Review

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The Lublu Diaper Bag is conveniently divided into an upper and a lower half to keep things organized. It is great if you like to separate food from clothes and diapers, for example. The upper half unzips down to give you access to the interior. It features different pockets, and compartments, ideal to keep everything neat and in its place. It also has a deep pocket along the back to carry a book or a laptop and a front pocket to keep things handy. The shoulder straps are padded and have pockets for smaller items. The side pockets are deep enough to store large items. When in use, these will take space from the bottom half of the bag. The pockets are ideal to store the baby carrier and the baby wrap when not being used.

The Lublu Baby Carrier easily attaches to the diaper bag, giving both mama and child comfort. It has a padded waistband and a head support cushion that can be adjusted according to the child’s age. The center of the carrier opens for air circulation. The Carrier is easy to use. Just buckle the waist belt, pull the leg safety buckles, and place the baby on the carrier. Then buckle the head support buckle to the shoulder buckle, making sure the child is comfortable, and buckle the leg support buckles.

The baby wrap is made of soft, breathable material to make the little one comfy. To use the wrap buckle one end into the shoulder strap, wrap it around the torso, and buckle the end to the other shoulder strap. Then, adjust it for a comfortable fit using the d-ring, put the child in, adjust the wrap and tie the belt around the waist.

Diaper Bag, Baby Carrier, and Baby Wrap Combo

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The shoulder straps detach from the bag to easily convert into just a baby carrier or just a baby wrap without the bag. Both the carrier and wrap can be worn alone with shoulder straps.

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