De.bored Neon Meadow Panorama Puzzles Review

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Editor's Review

Reimagine what you think puzzles can be with new Panorama Puzzles from Kess’s de.bored puzzle line. Meant to help teens and adults de-stress and solve boredom, these colorful puzzles are designed by influencer artists. The back of the box gives information on the artist and inspiration. Ranging from 500 to 1,000 pieces, there are different styles to put together, including Motion, Collections, Poolside, Rainbow Popsicle, Quiet Night In, and Neon Meadow.

What does a Panorama Puzzle mean? It means that each puzzle is made up of three individual puzzles. You can purchase just one and put it together, and it looks great on its own, or you can purchase all three puzzles for a larger panoramic image.

De.bored Neon Meadow Panorama Puzzles

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We love the unique artwork that Kess and its artists bring to these puzzles. These puzzles make an artistic statement and look great when kept for display. If you like putting puzzles together, then you’ll like the experience of putting together a de.bored puzzle.

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