DC Comics Power Punch Black Adam 12″ Action Figure Review

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Editor's Review

Power Punch Black Adam is roughly 1/6th scale and so stands about a foot tall. The proportions and overall sculpt are basic, but correct. Where the toy really shines is in the smaller detail. Raised glyphs and piping are all over the figure, and the bronzey gold paint looks very nice reflecting off of his forearm wraps, greaves, and belt. The attached cape is made of a synthetic cloth, and the lightning bolt on his chest is translucent glittery plastic, which looks beautiful under the light. Lastly, this toy captures Dwayne Johnson’s likeness…well enough.

Squeeze Black Adam’s legs together to make him punch forward with his right arm. You’ll get various destruction sounds and flashing lights as you do. Attach the lightning or fire effect parts to allow the light to refract even more. For even more sounds, press the lightning bolt symbol and you’ll be treated to Dwayne Johnson’s rendition of the character. You can pose his arms up, down and around, rotate his head, and there are joints in the knees, and left elbow. Otherwise, articulation is limited due to the Power Punch mechanic.

DC Comics Power Punch Black Adam 12" Action Figure

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Power Punch Black Adam is an excellent action figure for younger fans. The sturdy construction and paint, coupled with entertaining punching gimmick and voice lines all form a winning combination.


  • The smaller sculpted detail is very fine.
  • The paint, while simple, is well applied and good looking.
  • There are over 20 phrases and sounds.
  • The punching mechanic works well.
  • You get 2 energy accessories.


  • The main con is the limited articulation, a sacrifice made for the main gimmick.

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