DC Comics Batman Adventures 12″ Action Figure Review

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Editor's Review

The Batman adventures line consists of 12” action figures, which may make you think of restrictive articulation, but hold the phone here! This Batman figure has more poseability than you expect. Movement can be found in the head shoulders, elbows, wrists, abs, hips, knees and ankles. In addition to rotation, there is a hinge in every joint, which allows this figure to pull off some nice poses, with the MVP (Most Valuable Poseability) award going to the ankles for that nice pivot. The molded detail on this batman is really nice, with plates, stitching and mechanical detail that creates a look that’s very “Nolan-esque”.


The conspicuous holes stick out in a weird way, but they have a purpose. Batman comes with tons of optional parts and accessories! The armor pieces and flexible rubbery plastic and plug into the aforementioned holes on the body. Some of the armor pieces plug into each other for added security, although one thigh pad strap in particular doesn’t fit quite well on our copy. It still stays on though. The completed look is even cooler, and it doesn’t compromise the articulation much at all! The plugs can hold any of the accessories, so you can customize the look of your Batman to a degree. These katars hold in Batman’s hand very securely, but the batarang is a little loose. The cape as well holds in well for poses, but is a little loose for play. In all, you get two halves of a chest plate, sholder pads, wrist guards, shin guards, a holster, 2 katars, a batarang, a smoke canister, and a drone.

Batman Adventures 12 inch Figure 780 x 780

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Should I get it?

This figure will delight any young batman fan. The play and display options ensure enduring amusement. Older collectors may want to look elsewhere.


  • Batman has higher poseability than you’d expect.
  • The figure has plenty of detail.
  • It includes a wealth of accessories. 


  • Some armor strap connections aren’t secure.
  • The batarang is loose while being held in Batman’s hand.

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